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Shameless season 1 torrent
Shameless s01e01 torrent 09/Jan/11 "Pilot"
Shameless s01e02 torrent 16/Jan/11 "Frank the Plank"
Shameless s01e03 torrent 23/Jan/11 "Aunt Ginger"
Shameless s01e04 torrent 30/Jan/11 "Casey Casden"
Shameless s01e05 torrent 06/Feb/11 "Three Boys"
Shameless s01e06 torrent 13/Feb/11 "Killer Carl"
Shameless s01e08 torrent 27/Feb/11 "It's Time to Kill the Turtle"
Shameless s01e09 torrent 06/Mar/11 "But at Last Came a Knock"
Shameless s01e10 torrent 13/Mar/11 "Nana Gallagher Had an Affair"
Shameless s01e11 torrent 20/Mar/11 "Daddyz Girl"
Shameless season 2 torrent
Shameless s02e01 torrent 08/Jan/12 "Summertime"
Shameless s02e02 torrent 15/Jan/12 "Summer Loving"
Shameless s02e03 torrent 22/Jan/12 "I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day"
Shameless s02e04 torrent 29/Jan/12 "A Beautiful Mess"
Shameless s02e05 torrent 05/Feb/12 "Father's Day"
Shameless s02e06 torrent 12/Feb/12 "Can I Have a Mother"
Shameless s02e07 torrent 19/Feb/12 "A Bottle of Jean Nate"
Shameless s02e08 torrent 04/Mar/12 "Parenthood"
Shameless s02e09 torrent 11/Mar/12 "Hurricane Monica"
Shameless s02e10 torrent 18/Mar/12 "A Great Cause"
Shameless s02e11 torrent 25/Mar/12 "Just Like The Pilgrims Intended"
Shameless s02e12 torrent 01/Apr/12 "Fiona Interrupted"
Shameless season 3 torrent
Shameless s03e01 torrent 13/Jan/13 "El Gran CaƱon"
Shameless s03e02 torrent 20/Jan/13 "The American Dream"
Shameless s03e03 torrent 27/Jan/13 "May I Trim Your Hedges?"
Shameless s03e04 torrent 10/Feb/13 "The Helpful Gallaghers"
Shameless s03e05 torrent 17/Feb/13 "The Sins Of My Caretaker"
Shameless s03e06 torrent 24/Feb/13 "Cascading Failures"
Shameless s03e07 torrent 03/Mar/13 "A Long Way From Home"
Shameless s03e08 torrent 10/Mar/13 "Where There's a Will"
Shameless s03e09 torrent 17/Mar/13 "Frank the Plumber"
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Shameless s03e12 torrent 07/Apr/13 "Survival of the Fittest"
Shameless season 4 torrent
Shameless s04e01 torrent 12/Jan/14 "Simple Pleasures"
Shameless s04e02 torrent 19/Jan/14 "My Oldest Daughter"
Shameless s04e04 torrent 02/Feb/14 "Strangers on a Train"
Shameless s04e05 torrent 09/Feb/14 "There's the Rub"
Shameless s04e06 torrent 16/Feb/14 "Iron City"
Shameless s04e08 torrent 09/Mar/14 "Hope Springs Paternal"
Shameless s04e09 torrent 16/Mar/14 "The Legend of Bonnie and Carl"
Shameless s04e11 torrent 30/Mar/14 "Emily"
Shameless s04e12 torrent 06/Apr/14 "Lazarus"
Shameless season 5 torrent
Shameless s05e01 torrent 11/Jan/15 "Milk of the Gods"
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