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NCIS sonede torrent airdate title
NCIS season 1 torrent
NCIS s01e01 torrent 23/Sep/03 "Yankee White"
NCIS s01e02 torrent 30/Sep/03 "Hung Out to Dry"
NCIS s01e03 torrent 07/Oct/03 "Seadog"
NCIS s01e04 torrent 14/Oct/03 "The Immortals"
NCIS s01e05 torrent 28/Oct/03 "The Curse"
NCIS s01e06 torrent 04/Nov/03 "High Seas"
NCIS s01e07 torrent 18/Nov/03 "Sub Rosa"
NCIS s01e08 torrent 25/Nov/03 "Minimum Security"
NCIS s01e09 torrent 16/Dec/03 "Marine Down"
NCIS s01e10 torrent 06/Jan/04 "Left for Dead"
NCIS s01e11 torrent 13/Jan/04 "Eye Spy"
NCIS s01e12 torrent 03/Feb/04 "My Other Left Foot"
NCIS s01e14 torrent 17/Feb/04 "The Good Samaritan"
NCIS s01e15 torrent 24/Feb/04 "Enigma"
NCIS s01e16 torrent 02/Mar/04 "Bête Noire"
NCIS s01e17 torrent 16/Mar/04 "The Truth is Out There"
NCIS s01e18 torrent 06/Apr/04 "UnSEALed"
NCIS s01e19 torrent 27/Apr/04 "Dead Man Talking"
NCIS s01e20 torrent 04/May/04 "Missing"
NCIS s01e21 torrent 11/May/04 "Split Decision"
NCIS s01e22 torrent 18/May/04 "A Weak Link"
NCIS s01e23 torrent 25/May/04 "Reveille"
NCIS season 2 torrent
NCIS s02e01 torrent 28/Sep/04 "See No Evil"
NCIS s02e02 torrent 05/Oct/04 "The Good Wives Club"
NCIS s02e03 torrent 12/Oct/04 "Vanished"
NCIS s02e04 torrent 19/Oct/04 "Lt. Jane Doe"
NCIS s02e05 torrent 26/Oct/04 "The Bone Yard"
NCIS s02e06 torrent 16/Nov/04 "Terminal Leave"
NCIS s02e07 torrent 23/Nov/04 "Call of Silence"
NCIS s02e08 torrent 30/Nov/04 "Heart Break"
NCIS s02e09 torrent 07/Dec/04 "Forced Entry"
NCIS s02e10 torrent 14/Dec/04 "Chained"
NCIS s02e11 torrent 11/Jan/05 "Black Water"
NCIS s02e12 torrent 18/Jan/05 "Doppelgänger"
NCIS s02e13 torrent 08/Feb/05 "The Meat Puzzle"
NCIS s02e14 torrent 15/Feb/05 "Witness"
NCIS s02e15 torrent 22/Feb/05 "Caught on Tape"
NCIS s02e16 torrent 01/Mar/05 "Pop Life"
NCIS s02e17 torrent 22/Mar/05 "An Eye for An Eye"
NCIS s02e18 torrent 29/Mar/05 "Bikini Wax"
NCIS s02e19 torrent 12/Apr/05 "Conspiracy Theory"
NCIS s02e20 torrent 26/Apr/05 "Red Cell"
NCIS s02e21 torrent 03/May/05 "Hometown Hero"
NCIS s02e22 torrent 10/May/05 "SWAK"
NCIS s02e23 torrent 24/May/05 "Twilight"
NCIS season 3 torrent
NCIS s03e01 torrent 20/Sep/05 "Kill Ari (Part I)"
NCIS s03e02 torrent 27/Sep/05 "Kill Ari (Part II)"
NCIS s03e03 torrent 04/Oct/05 "Mind Games"
NCIS s03e04 torrent 11/Oct/05 "Silver War"
NCIS s03e05 torrent 18/Oct/05 "Switch"
NCIS s03e06 torrent 25/Oct/05 "The Voyeur's Web"
NCIS s03e07 torrent 01/Nov/05 "Honor Code"
NCIS s03e08 torrent 08/Nov/05 "Under Covers"
NCIS s03e09 torrent 22/Nov/05 "Frame-Up"
NCIS s03e10 torrent 29/Nov/05 "Probie"
NCIS s03e11 torrent 13/Dec/05 "Model Behavior"
NCIS s03e12 torrent 10/Jan/06 "Boxed In"
NCIS s03e13 torrent 17/Jan/06 "Deception"
NCIS s03e14 torrent 24/Jan/06 "Light Sleeper"
NCIS s03e15 torrent 07/Feb/06 "Head Case"
NCIS s03e16 torrent 28/Feb/06 "Family Secrets"
NCIS s03e17 torrent 07/Mar/06 "Ravenous"
NCIS s03e18 torrent 14/Mar/06 "Bait"
NCIS s03e19 torrent 04/Apr/06 "Iced"
NCIS s03e20 torrent 18/Apr/06 "Untouchable"
NCIS s03e21 torrent 25/Apr/06 "Bloodbath"
NCIS s03e22 torrent 02/May/06 "Jeopardy"
NCIS s03e23 torrent 09/May/06 "Hiatus (Part I)"
NCIS s03e24 torrent 16/May/06 "Hiatus (Part II)"
NCIS season 4 torrent
NCIS s04e01 torrent 19/Sep/06 "Shalom"
NCIS s04e02 torrent 26/Sep/06 "Escaped"
NCIS s04e03 torrent 03/Oct/06 "Singled Out"
NCIS s04e04 torrent 10/Oct/06 "Faking It"
NCIS s04e05 torrent 17/Oct/06 "Dead and Unburied"
NCIS s04e06 torrent 31/Oct/06 "Witch Hunt"
NCIS s04e07 torrent 07/Nov/06 "Sandblast"
NCIS s04e08 torrent 14/Nov/06 "Once A Hero"
NCIS s04e09 torrent 21/Nov/06 "Twisted Sister"
NCIS s04e10 torrent 28/Nov/06 "Smoked"
NCIS s04e11 torrent 12/Dec/06 "Driven"
NCIS s04e12 torrent 16/Jan/07 "Suspicion"
NCIS s04e13 torrent 23/Jan/07 "Sharif Returns"
NCIS s04e14 torrent 06/Feb/07 "Blowback"
NCIS s04e15 torrent 13/Feb/07 "Friends & Lovers"
NCIS s04e16 torrent 20/Feb/07 "Dead Man Walking"
NCIS s04e17 torrent 27/Feb/07 "Skeletons"
NCIS s04e18 torrent 20/Mar/07 "Iceman"
NCIS s04e19 torrent 03/Apr/07 "Grace Period"
NCIS s04e20 torrent 10/Apr/07 "Cover Story"
NCIS s04e21 torrent 24/Apr/07 "Brothers In Arms"
NCIS s04e22 torrent 01/May/07 "In the Dark"
NCIS s04e23 torrent 08/May/07 "Trojan Horse"
NCIS s04e24 torrent 22/May/07 "Angel of Death"
NCIS season 5 torrent
NCIS s05e01 torrent 25/Sep/07 "Bury Your Dead"
NCIS s05e02 torrent 02/Oct/07 "Family"
NCIS s05e03 torrent 09/Oct/07 "Ex-File"
NCIS s05e04 torrent 16/Oct/07 "Identity Crisis"
NCIS s05e05 torrent 23/Oct/07 "Leap of Faith"
NCIS s05e06 torrent 30/Oct/07 "Chimera"
NCIS s05e07 torrent 06/Nov/07 "Requiem"
NCIS s05e08 torrent 13/Nov/07 "Designated Target"
NCIS s05e09 torrent 20/Nov/07 "Lost & Found"
NCIS s05e10 torrent 27/Nov/07 "Corporal Punishment"
NCIS s05e11 torrent 15/Jan/08 "Tribes"
NCIS s05e12 torrent 08/Apr/08 "Stakeout"
NCIS s05e13 torrent 15/Apr/08 "Dog Tags"
NCIS s05e14 torrent 22/Apr/08 "Internal Affairs"
NCIS s05e15 torrent 29/Apr/08 "In The Zone"
NCIS s05e16 torrent 06/May/08 "Recoil"
NCIS s05e17 torrent 13/May/08 "About Face"
NCIS s05e18 torrent 20/May/08 "Judgment Day (Part I)"
NCIS s05e19 torrent 20/May/08 "Judgment Day (Part II)"
NCIS season 6 torrent
NCIS s06e01 torrent 23/Sep/08 "Last Man Standing"
NCIS s06e02 torrent 30/Sep/08 "Agent Afloat"
NCIS s06e03 torrent 07/Oct/08 "Capitol Offense"
NCIS s06e04 torrent 14/Oct/08 "Heartland"
NCIS s06e05 torrent 21/Oct/08 "Nine Lives"
NCIS s06e06 torrent 28/Oct/08 "Murder 2.0"
NCIS s06e07 torrent 11/Nov/08 "Collateral Damage"
NCIS s06e08 torrent 18/Nov/08 "Cloak (1)"
NCIS s06e09 torrent 25/Nov/08 "Dagger (2)"
NCIS s06e10 torrent 02/Dec/08 "Road Kill"
NCIS s06e11 torrent 16/Dec/08 "Silent Night"
NCIS s06e12 torrent 06/Jan/09 "Caged"
NCIS s06e13 torrent 13/Jan/09 "Broken Bird"
NCIS s06e14 torrent 27/Jan/09 "Love and War"
NCIS s06e15 torrent 10/Feb/09 "Deliverance"
NCIS s06e16 torrent 17/Feb/09 "Bounce"
NCIS s06e17 torrent 24/Feb/09 "South by Southwest"
NCIS s06e18 torrent 17/Mar/09 "Knockout"
NCIS s06e19 torrent 24/Mar/09 "Hide and Seek"
NCIS s06e20 torrent 31/Mar/09 "Dead Reckoning"
NCIS s06e21 torrent 07/Apr/09 "Toxic"
NCIS s06e22 torrent 28/Apr/09 "Legend (Part I)"
NCIS s06e23 torrent 05/May/09 "Legend (Part II)"
NCIS s06e24 torrent 12/May/09 "Semper Fidelis"
NCIS s06e25 torrent 19/May/09 "Aliyah"
NCIS season 7 torrent
NCIS s07e01 torrent 22/Sep/09 "Truth or Consequences"
NCIS s07e02 torrent 29/Sep/09 "Reunion"
NCIS s07e03 torrent 06/Oct/09 "The Inside Man"
NCIS s07e05 torrent 20/Oct/09 "Code of Conduct"
NCIS s07e06 torrent 03/Nov/09 "Outlaws and In-Laws"
NCIS s07e07 torrent 10/Nov/09 "Endgame"
NCIS s07e08 torrent 17/Nov/09 "Power Down"
NCIS s07e09 torrent 24/Nov/09 "Child's Play"
NCIS s07e10 torrent 15/Dec/09 "Faith"
NCIS s07e11 torrent 05/Jan/10 "Ignition"
NCIS s07e12 torrent 12/Jan/10 "Flesh and Blood"
NCIS s07e13 torrent 26/Jan/10 "Jet Lag"
NCIS s07e14 torrent 02/Feb/10 "Masquerade"
NCIS s07e15 torrent 09/Feb/10 "Jack Knife"
NCIS s07e16 torrent 02/Mar/10 "Mother's Day"
NCIS s07e17 torrent 09/Mar/10 "Double Identity"
NCIS s07e18 torrent 16/Mar/10 "Jurisdiction"
NCIS s07e19 torrent 06/Apr/10 "Guilty Pleasure"
NCIS s07e20 torrent 27/Apr/10 "Moonlighting"
NCIS s07e21 torrent 04/May/10 "Obsession"
NCIS s07e22 torrent 11/May/10 "Borderland"
NCIS s07e23 torrent 18/May/10 "Patriot Down"
NCIS s07e24 torrent 25/May/10 "Rule Fifty-One"
NCIS season 8 torrent
NCIS s08e01 torrent 21/Sep/10 "Spider and the Fly"
NCIS s08e02 torrent 28/Sep/10 "Worst Nightmare"
NCIS s08e03 torrent 05/Oct/10 "Short Fuse"
NCIS s08e04 torrent 12/Oct/10 "Royals and Loyals"
NCIS s08e05 torrent 19/Oct/10 "Dead Air"
NCIS s08e06 torrent 26/Oct/10 "Cracked"
NCIS s08e07 torrent 09/Nov/10 "Broken Arrow"
NCIS s08e08 torrent 16/Nov/10 "Enemies Foreign (1)"
NCIS s08e09 torrent 23/Nov/10 "Enemies Domestic (2)"
NCIS s08e10 torrent 14/Dec/10 "False Witness"
NCIS s08e11 torrent 11/Jan/11 "Ships in the Night"
NCIS s08e12 torrent 18/Jan/11 "Recruited"
NCIS s08e13 torrent 01/Feb/11 "Freedom"
NCIS s08e14 torrent 08/Feb/11 "A Man Walks Into A Bar…"
NCIS s08e15 torrent 15/Feb/11 "Defiance"
NCIS s08e16 torrent 22/Feb/11 "Kill Screen"
NCIS s08e17 torrent 01/Mar/11 "One Last Score"
NCIS s08e18 torrent 22/Mar/11 "Out of the Frying Pan…"
NCIS s08e19 torrent 29/Mar/11 "Tell-All"
NCIS s08e20 torrent 05/Apr/11 "Two-Faced"
NCIS s08e21 torrent 12/Apr/11 "Dead Reflection"
NCIS s08e22 torrent 03/May/11 "Baltimore"
NCIS s08e23 torrent 10/May/11 "Swan Song"
NCIS s08e24 torrent 17/May/11 "Pyramid"
NCIS season 9 torrent
NCIS s09e01 torrent 20/Sep/11 "Nature of the Beast"
NCIS s09e02 torrent 27/Sep/11 "Restless"
NCIS s09e03 torrent 04/Oct/11 "The Penelope Papers"
NCIS s09e04 torrent 11/Oct/11 "Enemy on the Hill"
NCIS s09e05 torrent 18/Oct/11 "Safe Harbor"
NCIS s09e06 torrent 25/Oct/11 "Thirst"
NCIS s09e07 torrent 01/Nov/11 "Devil's Triangle"
NCIS s09e08 torrent 08/Nov/11 "Engaged (Part I)"
NCIS s09e09 torrent 15/Nov/11 "Engaged (Part II)"
NCIS s09e10 torrent 22/Nov/11 "Sins of The Father"
NCIS s09e11 torrent 13/Dec/11 "Newborn King"
NCIS s09e12 torrent 03/Jan/12 "Housekeeping"
NCIS s09e13 torrent 10/Jan/12 "A Desperate Man"
NCIS s09e14 torrent 07/Feb/12 "Life Before His Eyes"
NCIS s09e15 torrent 14/Feb/12 "Secrets"
NCIS s09e16 torrent 21/Feb/12 "Psych out"
NCIS s09e17 torrent 28/Feb/12 "Need to Know"
NCIS s09e18 torrent 20/Mar/12 "The Tell"
NCIS s09e19 torrent 27/Mar/12 "The Good Son"
NCIS s09e20 torrent 10/Apr/12 "The Missionary Position"
NCIS s09e21 torrent 17/Apr/12 "Rekindled"
NCIS s09e22 torrent 01/May/12 "Playing with Fire"
NCIS s09e23 torrent 08/May/12 "Up in Smoke"
NCIS s09e24 torrent 15/May/12 "Till Death Do Us Part"
NCIS season 10 torrent
NCIS s10e01 torrent 25/Sep/12 "Extreme Prejudice"
NCIS s10e02 torrent 02/Oct/12 "Recovery"
NCIS s10e03 torrent 09/Oct/12 "Phoenix"
NCIS s10e04 torrent 23/Oct/12 "Lost At Sea"
NCIS s10e05 torrent 30/Oct/12 "The Namesake"
NCIS s10e06 torrent 13/Nov/12 "Shell Shock (Part I)"
NCIS s10e07 torrent 20/Nov/12 "Shell Shock (Part II)"
NCIS s10e08 torrent 27/Nov/12 "Gone"
NCIS s10e09 torrent 11/Dec/12 "Devil's Trifecta"
NCIS s10e10 torrent 18/Dec/12 "You Better Watch Out"
NCIS s10e11 torrent 08/Jan/13 "Shabbat Shalom (1)"
NCIS s10e12 torrent 15/Jan/13 "Shiva (2)"
NCIS s10e13 torrent 29/Jan/13 "Hit and Run"
NCIS s10e14 torrent 05/Feb/13 "Canary"
NCIS s10e15 torrent 19/Feb/13 "Hereafter"
NCIS s10e16 torrent 26/Feb/13 "Detour"
NCIS s10e17 torrent 05/Mar/13 "Prime Suspect"
NCIS s10e18 torrent 19/Mar/13 "Seek"
NCIS s10e19 torrent 26/Mar/13 "Squall"
NCIS s10e20 torrent 09/Apr/13 "Chasing Ghosts"
NCIS s10e21 torrent 23/Apr/13 "Berlin"
NCIS s10e22 torrent 30/Apr/13 "Revenge"
NCIS s10e23 torrent 07/May/13 "Double Blind"
NCIS s10e24 torrent 14/May/13 "Damned If You Do"
NCIS season 11 torrent
NCIS s11e01 torrent 24/Sep/13 "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"
NCIS s11e03 torrent 08/Oct/13 "Under the Radar"
NCIS s11e04 torrent 15/Oct/13 "Anonymous was a Woman"
NCIS s11e05 torrent 22/Oct/13 "Once a Crook"
NCIS s11e06 torrent 29/Oct/13 "Oil and Water"
NCIS s11e07 torrent 05/Nov/13 "Better Angels"
NCIS s11e08 torrent 12/Nov/13 "Alibi"
NCIS s11e09 torrent 19/Nov/13 "Gut Check"
NCIS s11e10 torrent 10/Dec/13 "Devil's Triad"
NCIS s11e11 torrent 17/Dec/13 "Homesick"
NCIS s11e12 torrent 07/Jan/14 "Kill Chain"
NCIS s11e13 torrent 14/Jan/14 "Double Back"
NCIS s11e14 torrent 04/Feb/14 "Monsters and Men"
NCIS s11e15 torrent 25/Feb/14 "Bulletproof"
NCIS s11e16 torrent 04/Mar/14 "Dressed to Kill"
NCIS s11e17 torrent 18/Mar/14 "Rock and a Hard Place"
NCIS s11e18 torrent 25/Mar/14 "Crescent City (Part I)"
NCIS s11e19 torrent 01/Apr/14 "Crescent City (Part II)"
NCIS s11e20 torrent 08/Apr/14 "Page Not Found"
NCIS s11e21 torrent 15/Apr/14 "Alleged"
NCIS s11e22 torrent 29/Apr/14 "Shooter"
NCIS s11e23 torrent 06/May/14 "The Admiral's Daughter"
NCIS s11e24 torrent 13/May/14 "Honor Thy Father"
NCIS season 12 torrent
NCIS s12e01 torrent 23/Sep/14 "Twenty Klicks"
NCIS s12e02 torrent 30/Sep/14 "Kill The Messenger"
NCIS s12e03 torrent 07/Oct/14 "So It Goes"
NCIS s12e04 torrent 14/Oct/14 "Choke Hold"
NCIS s12e05 torrent 21/Oct/14 "The San Dominick"
NCIS s12e06 torrent 28/Oct/14 "Parental Guidance Suggested"
NCIS s12e07 torrent 11/Nov/14 "The Searchers"
NCIS s12e08 torrent 18/Nov/14 "Semper Fortis"
NCIS s12e09 torrent 25/Nov/14 "Grounded"
NCIS s12e10 torrent 16/Dec/14 "House Rules"
NCIS s12e11 torrent 06/Jan/15 "Check"
NCIS s12e12 torrent 13/Jan/15 "The Enemy Within"
NCIS s12e14 torrent 10/Feb/15 "Cadence"
NCIS s12e15 torrent 17/Feb/15 "Cabin Fever"
NCIS s12e16 torrent 24/Feb/15 "Blast From the Past"
NCIS s12e17 torrent 10/Mar/15 "The Artful Dodger"
NCIS s12e18 torrent 24/Mar/15 "Status Update"
NCIS s12e19 torrent 31/Mar/15 "Patience"
NCIS s12e20 torrent 07/Apr/15 "No Good Deed"
NCIS s12e21 torrent 14/Apr/15 "Lost in Translation"
NCIS s12e22 torrent 28/Apr/15 "Troll"
NCIS s12e23 torrent 05/May/15 "The Lost Boys"