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Call Me Fitz
Call Me Fitz season 1 torrent
Call Me Fitz s01e01 torrent 19/Sep/10 "The Pilot"
Call Me Fitz s01e04 torrent 03/Oct/10 "Long Con Silver"
Call Me Fitz s01e05 torrent 10/Oct/10 "The Back End"
Call Me Fitz s01e06 torrent 17/Oct/10 "Going Down Syndrome"
Call Me Fitz s01e07 torrent 24/Oct/10 "Diving Bell and the Barbara"
Call Me Fitz s01e08 torrent 31/Oct/10 "Married to the Mom"
Call Me Fitz s01e09 torrent 07/Nov/10 "The Upside of Matricide"
Call Me Fitz s01e10 torrent 14/Nov/10 "The Kidney Stays in the Picture"
Call Me Fitz s01e11 torrent 21/Nov/10 "This Business Has Been Homicide Free for... Days"
Call Me Fitz season 2 torrent
Call Me Fitz s02e01 torrent 25/Sep/11 "Ass Hickey"
Call Me Fitz s02e02 torrent 25/Sep/11 "Fucking Memories"
Call Me Fitz s02e03 torrent 02/Oct/11 "Don of the Differently Abled"
Call Me Fitz s02e04 torrent 09/Oct/11 "My Own Private Oka"
Call Me Fitz s02e05 torrent 16/Oct/11 "Pubic Disturbance"
Call Me Fitz s02e06 torrent 23/Oct/11 "Bring Me the Feet of Dexter Laine"
Call Me Fitz s02e07 torrent 30/Oct/11 "Dysfunctional Family Circus"
Call Me Fitz s02e08 torrent 06/Nov/11 "Heir of the Dog"
Call Me Fitz s02e09 torrent 13/Nov/11 "Repo Wedding"
Call Me Fitz s02e10 torrent 20/Nov/11 "How Do You Say 'Blow Job' in Pennsylvania Dutch?"
Call Me Fitz s02e11 torrent 27/Nov/11 "Revel Without Applause"
Call Me Fitz s02e12 torrent 04/Dec/11 "Hell Hath No Drink Limit"
Call Me Fitz s02e13 torrent 11/Dec/11 "What the Fuck Is a Beaver Moon?"
Call Me Fitz season 3 torrent
Call Me Fitz s03e01 torrent 23/Sep/12 "Fuck City Hall"
Call Me Fitz s03e02 torrent 23/Sep/12 "Thirty Percent Less Pulp Fiction"
Call Me Fitz s03e03 torrent 30/Sep/12 "The Virgin Homo-Cide"
Call Me Fitz s03e04 torrent 07/Oct/12 "The Rise And Fall Of Ethnic Man"
Call Me Fitz s03e05 torrent 14/Oct/12 "Fuck The Vote"
Call Me Fitz s03e06 torrent 21/Oct/12 "Semen-Gate"
Call Me Fitz s03e07 torrent 28/Oct/12 "The Totally Legitimate Death Of Meghan Fitzpatrick"
Call Me Fitz s03e08 torrent 04/Nov/12 "Are You There God? I Need To Speak To Frank"
Call Me Fitz s03e09 torrent 11/Nov/12 "Teetotal Recall"
Call Me Fitz s03e10 torrent 18/Nov/12 "Apoca' Smokes Now"
Call Me Fitz s03e11 torrent 25/Nov/12 "And Baby Makes... Fuck! (1)"
Call Me Fitz s03e12 torrent 02/Dec/12 "And Baby Makes... Fuck! (2)"
Call Me Fitz season 4 torrent
Call Me Fitz s04e02 torrent 14/Oct/13 "Baby's First Brothel"
Call Me Fitz s04e03 torrent 21/Oct/13 "Raising What's-His-Name"
Call Me Fitz s04e04 torrent 28/Oct/13 "Pulling a Polanski"
Call Me Fitz s04e05 torrent 04/Nov/13 "It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Fitz"
Call Me Fitz s04e06 torrent 11/Nov/13 "O-Rigins"
Call Me Fitz s04e07 torrent 18/Nov/13 "The Hard Wiener of Truth"
Call Me Fitz s04e08 torrent 25/Nov/13 "Brotherly Love"
Call Me Fitz s04e09 torrent 02/Dec/13 "A Very Special Fitzmas (1)"
Call Me Fitz s04e10 torrent 02/Dec/13 "A Very Special Fitzmas (2)"